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Ecohomy - (English)

Open call workshop Italian-French-Bulgarian

Val Venosta, Syd Tyrol (Italie), du 02 au 08 may 2022
More information here :
Open Call (auf deutsch).pdf

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The ECOHOMY project is an european project, falling within the framework ERASMUS+ programm and led by the Compagnie du théâtre des Chemins in partnership with BAAT (Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism) and the University of Grenoble-Alpes-Cermosem.

Launched in February 2020, the project focuses on the collection, the analysis and the enhancement of intangible cultural heritage (songs, legends, inhabitants' words) through artistic and cultural mediation.

ECOHOMY is a 4-dimensional project:

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Training time

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Public Tours Open to The Public

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Sharing Training Tours


Meetings with inhabitants

ECOHOMY challenge to multiplicate meetings with inhabitants of 3 rural territories:

  • Baume and Drobie Valley in Ardèche (France),

  • Dryanovo region in the Rhodopes (Bulgaria),

  • the Val Venosta region in South Tyrol (Italy).

These meetings are intergenerational and real (no visio!): they are undertaken by young Europeans (French, Bulgarian, Italian) between the ages of 18 and 30. Curious about what rural life may have been in the past, about what it has become or what it will become in the future, these young people, supervised by the ECOHOMY team, set out on a quest for stories, stories, songs or legends.

Access to the blog which retraces the encounters with excerpts of life history, song and legend:

All interviews are recorded and a reflection on the archiving work is under way with the Phonotheque of Heritage Sonores ofAuvergne Rhône Alpes :



ECOHOMY is offering 5 workshops allowing mixed French-Bulgarian, Italian-French-Bulgarian groups to exchange their culture and to be in total immersion on one of the 3 territories of experimentation (Ardèche, Rhodopes, South Tyrol). During these workshops, the Ecohomy team teaches:

  • technic of interviewing inhabitants, role-playing and concrete experiences with inhabitants !

  • ways of understanding rural areas by analysing their components and reflection on the alternative tourism  vevelppement based on culture.

  • ime of artistic creation: exploration of one’s voice, oral expression, accompaniment of the audience, staging of the landscape.


ECOHOMY is a gift given to the inhabitants, the curious and the tourists: words of the inhabitants will be unveiled in an artistic form. Come and listen to the song, the music, the poetry of these unsuspected worlds trough a walking show.

Talking time on the trails: 1h15.
Total duration of the show: 3 hours.
Plan: walking shoes, gourd, hat.
Walking in accordance with the gestures of barriers and the recommendations in force.
Free show open to the public subject to the evolution of the health crisis.

WALKING SHOW in Vernon (Ardèche) - Our Unsuspected Worlds 1 - Walking Lyrics

May 22 and June 12 in Vernon.

Departure 2:30 p.m., appointment at the City Hall Parking.

Compulsory registration by mel or telephone (we will keep you informed of how to open to the public depending on the health situation).
Tel: 06 30 82 94 85

WALKING SHOW in Sablière (Ardèche) - Our Unsuspected Worlds 2 - Walking Lyrics

23 may and 13 June in Sablières.

Departure 2:30 p.m. Departure 2:30 p.m. Rdv at the Sablières campsite.

Compulsory registration by mel or telephone (we will keep you informed of how to open to the public depending on the health situation).
Tel: 06 43 44 90 17

TOUR SHOW in Orehovo (Rhodopes, Bulgaria) - Upcoming dates

TOUR SHOW in Dryanovo (Rhodopes, Bulgaria) - Upcoming dates

TOUR SHOW in Siandro, (South Tyrol) - Upcoming datesr

ECOHOMY, these are shared results:

Two training guides on the mediation of oral heritage (one for trainers, the other for students) (link coming soon)


Dates of seminars:
  • An intervention at the seminar "Innovation in Rural Spaces" (dates upcoming soon)
  • An Oral Mediation Seminar- May/June 2022 (dates upcoming soon)


The development of a directory of mediators of the oral heritage listed by category: mediators, artists, resource centers (phonothèque, house of the orality, etc.), pilot intercommunalities: (link coming soon).

Guarantee of training guides
To certify the quality of the training tools shared, each project partner has a specific role:

  • Théâtre des Chemins Cie plays the role of coordinator and booster of innovation in terms of cultural mediation,

  • B.A.A.T. (Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism’s), a Bulgarian association active in the field of ecotourism, guarantees the feasibility of the tools as a response to the social and economic imperatives of the moment., (Website of B.A.A.T. : ici)

  • the CERMOSEM, branch of the University of Grenoble Alpes, located in the Ardèche region - plays an «in route» evaluator role. It takes a reflexive look at all the actions undertaken during the project. Specialized in the field of training and research on heritage, he develops educational tools.. (Website of Cermosem : ici)


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